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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Biking in Hue countryside

Cycling provides an easy and fantastic way to discover the real Hue. You can set off your scenic ride around its tranquil countryside and blend in busy markets to see local life.


The cycling trail mostly run along the two banks of the poetic Perfume River, shaded with old trees and cooled with river breeze. There are many laid-back villages on the way for you to drop by and interact with local peole. Their welcoming smiles and gentle voice will truly touch your heart.

Around Hue coutnryside, you can find a large number of richly decorated temples in honor of ancestors, typical cultural feature of Hue. And the landscape is simply awe-inspiring with lush rice fields, colorful flower gardens and small blue cottage hidden in luxuriant trees.

Cycling allows you to travel like the locals and with Hue maybe it is the best way to truly discover the local nature and culture.